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This year is the 10th Anniversary of the formation of the Westward Ho!Community History Project.

The aim of the History Project, formed in 2002, was to get together local people interested in the history of Westward Ho! and to collect and collate information from the community which could be archived for future generations.

The Regeneration of the Village Green and Promenade has given us an opportunity to display aspects of the history of our village. We felt it important that we didn't miss this opportunity of having an appropriate memorial incorporated into the Village Green plan. Several ideas were discussed and finally we decided on Heritage Plaques depicting famous names and events from the past that would probably be of interest to tourists and local residents alike. It was proposed that these be set into the promenade during resurfacing.

Our suggestion was put to Cllr. Roger Tisdale and an email on 16th July 2010 confirmed acceptance.

After examining all available materials the only one which proved suitable for such an hostile environment was Bronze. TDC were consulted with regard to the specification and we finally came to an agreement that the plaques would be 1cm thick by 30cms diameter. The plaques were produced by Croft Castings Limited, Whitby, Yorkshire, who also advised us on layout and typeset.

Initially five plaques were ordered but due to a delay in the resurfacing of the promenade we had an opportunity to order a further five . The total cost of the plaques came to £3,000 of which £500 was donated by Cllr. Tisdale.

Over the last 18 months several dates have been given for the resurfacing work which have not materialised. The latest date is now early Spring 2012 so hopefully, at last, we will have achieved our aim of seeing the plaques embodied in the promenade.

We have now been informed by Cllr. Tisdale that, due to a lack of funds, the promenade will only be resurfaced from the slipway up to Horizon View. This means that we will have to reposition four of the plaques.



On Saturday, 11th February in the Baptist Church Hall, Westward Ho! we are staging an Exhibition to celebrate our 10th Anniversary. The exhibition will run from 10.00 am until 4.00 pm. We look forward to seeing you there.

Wishing you a Happy & Prosperous New Year.

Maureen, Marilyn and Anne

We are still researching an collecting, so if you have any information, photos or memories especially the Kingsley Hall or the war years, please contact the group. 

Maureen  01237 476548
Marilyn   01237 425574